“This is the place where your Automobile can relax and refresh.”

What is “automotive refreshment” all about?  Its a state of being that your car or truck feels
after it gets the treatment it deserves for being your faithful chaperon and travel companion.

What About Automotive Refreshment?

Dave Waters is a professional automotive technician with over 40 years of experience with and extensive knowledge of nearly every domestic and import vehicle. He has been officially certified and recognized by National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) as an effective and competent automotive technician. Holding an ASE Master Mechanic certification, Dave differentiates himself from the competition with his high level of skills and knowledge when it comes to vehicle repair and service. He offers the highest quality of service and workmanship to his customers.

Dave Waters understands the rapid changes and evolution of the technology used in automobiles, and he is always ahead of the curve in learning about each new system and technology. He is able to diagnose any problem with a vehicle in a quick and accurate manner, and he has the experience and capabilities to repair and replace one or more parts of any given vehicle. Dave also places a huge emphasis on preventative maintenance to his customers’ automobiles. He is aware of the importance of anticipating the replacement of certain parts to avoid the occurrence of much more costly damage to a vehicle. Dave is a dedicated professional who is absolutely committed to maintaining the safety and reliability of any given vehicle

Having keen knowledge and awareness of nearly every domestic and import vehicle helps Dave to perform factory recommended maintenance services as needed. Depending on year, make and model of any given vehicle, as well as its’ driving condition and the driver’s habits and behaviors behind the wheel, Dave can anticipate when maintenance will need to be scheduled and make the appropriate recommendations to customers. Dave Waters is focused on customer satisfaction and is always looking for ways to save his customers money and time. He has all of the information required to offer helpful tips and tricks, allowing customers to keep their cars on the road and in safe driving condition for longer.
If you have a problem or a bad feeling about your car, feel free to stop by and we will take a look!

Dave Waters, Founder

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Born into a racing family
A lifetime around Cars.

Works fast, drives fast.

Lands first Career Job
A Mechanic.  You guessed it!

Fixing those big Yellow School Busses.

A Lifelong Dream Fulfilled!
Waters Automotive Opens their doors!

A new world of automotive refreshment begins

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